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Main Slideshow Barrel Vault in Barcelona ColorOakland Fires 1983 (Class A Fire Rating Protection)Barrel Vault - Mission trim - Barcelona (Beauty and Style)Hurricane Irene 2011 (Protection Against Wind)Classic Time with Mission trim shown in Barcelona color (Proudly Made in USA)Shake - Brown (Diverse and Distinct)Classic Tile - Mission Trim - custom Barcelona (Pioneering Excellence)

Gerard Barrel Vault tile with Mission Trim in Barcelona Color

Devastating 1983 neighborhood Fires in Oakland California - the three homes with Gerard Stone Coated Steel roofs remained !

Gerard Barrel Vault profile with Mission Trim shown in standard Barcelona color.

Hurricane Irene (Florida Keys, 1997) devastated exterior walls - the Gerard roof remained completely intact and undamaged !

Gerard Classic Tile profile with Mission trim in standard Barcelona color.

Gerard Canyon Shake profile tile with Shake Cap trim, shown in standard English Suede color. 

Gerard Classic Tile profile with Mission Trim shown in custom Barcelona red granite stone chips. 

18 Standard Colors

18 Colors

22 Colors

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Gerard offers 18 standard colors, including 3 Energy Star approved colors, with custom color blends on request...

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4 Profile Styles

4 Profile Styles

4 Profile Styles

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Choose from 4 popular metal roof profiles: Granite Ridge Shingle, Classic Tile, Barrel Vault, and Canyon Shake styles...

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Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

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Choose the best warranty in the business — the lifetime of the Purchaser during their ownership, or 50 years transferable...

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Savings Calculator

Savings Calculator

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See this Channel 8 News Photo & Read the Testimonial.

California Fire Devastates Neighborhood - Gerard Roof Home Survives, Again!

Glendora homes recently experienced the full fury of neighborhood wild fire with devastating home losses.... but not for Elizabeth Teakel, as best described by Elizabeth herself:

The Comprehensive Benefits of Quality Metal Roofing

Gerard's Metal Roofing Edge Against the Rest

As a homeowner, you are well aware of the importance of ensuring that every aspect of your home is capable of successfully passing the many tests it will face. Many measures can be taken to be as prepared as possible, but one of the most important preparations is having a roof composed of a durable product that will help in providing optimal shelter decade after decade.

Metal Roofing Customer Testimonials

What People Are Saying

“Florida will test any roofing material about as severely as it can be tested. Typical shingle roofs don’t even last their warranty period here. More and more, the fact that a metal roof system will pretty much last a lifetime, justifies the cost. Because of the lightweight material, and the maintenance-free aspect of the roofing, Gerard seems to be the clear choice to me.” – Jim Mitchell, A.I.A., Genesis Architecture, FL

Survived the 2007 Oklahoma Hail Storms !

Other Roofs Did Not Fair So Well
See our neighborhood picture gallery of how other roofs including competitive metal roof options fared in a 2007 hail storm. Gerard roofs remain nearly untouched while other roofs, masonry, lawns, and property were destroyed !

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