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Barrel Vault - Mission trim - Barcelona (Beauty and Style)Barrel Vault with Mission trim in Santa Fe colorShake - Brown (Diverse and Distinct)Canyon Shake - Shake Cap trim - Driftwood (Adaptable Elegance)Tile - Mission trim - Barcelona (Engineered for Life)

Gerard Barrel Vault profile with Mission Trim shown in standard Barcelona color.

Gerard Barrel Vault tile profile with Mission trim shown in Santa Fe color.

Gerard Canyon Shake profile tile with Shake Cap trim, shown in standard English Suede color. 

Canyon Shake profile tile with Gerard Shake Cap trim in standard Ironwood color.  

Gerard Classic Tile profile tile with Mission trim, shown in standard Barcelona red color. 

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Gerard Metal Roof Tile and Metal Shingle Roofing

Gerard Stone coated steel metal roofing tiles are available in a variety of stunning profiles and colors to bring out the best in your home. Designed to deliver a lifetime of beauty, reliable service and value you will see why Gerard is the best choice you can make when it comes to choosing your next roofing material. 

Canyon Shake - Enjoy the beauty of natural wood shake, without the costly maintenance!
Gerard Stone Coated Steel,
Canyon Shake profile offers the best of all worlds for customers who want to look of wood shake with the strength and security of metal roofing.  Unlike wood shake, our premium stone coated metal roofing tiles will never need the costly maintenance, upkeep and replacement that natural wood shake roofs require. Owners of our stone coated metal roofing products will also enjoy insurance premium reductions thanks to the fact that our metal roofing tiles would never  burn or blow off as does conventional wood shake. Today, many areas across the US no longer allow natural wood shake roofs, and it is no surprise that Gerard's stone coated steel tile Canyon ShakeTM roofs have become the preferred alternative.

Barrel Vault - The look of high profile traditional ‘S’- type tile, without the drawbacks and inherent problems!
Gerard Stone Coated Metal, Barrel Vault tile gives you the look of high profile or ‘S’ concrete tile, without the excessive weight or inherent problems associated conventional cement or clay based tile. Our stone coated steel Barrel Vault roofing tiles wont only save you a lot of money over their lifetime in repair, replacement and energy savings, they will also look as beautiful as the day they were installed for the next 50+ years, and add value to your home!  With-out question, our stone coated steel Barrel Vault roof tiles offer the best of all worlds delivering the strength and longevity of metal roofing, far greater efficiencies, and the beauty and style of traditional 'S' tile. 

Classic Tile - Form and function of metal roofing at its finest !
Form and function sets Gerard's Classic Tile profile apart from the pack. This is our original stone coated steel metal roofing tile designed  to take full advantages of metal qualities to deliver performance results far and above any expectations in the industry, repeatedly and reliably, under the most testing of extreme weather conditions. Aside from its robustly designed interlocking characteristic, its' uniquely different and very attractive appearance once fitted, each individual tile boasts 7 valleys to channel the water and corresponding ridges and high points for watertight fastening. This is the true thoroughbred of metal tile originally designed and engineered to take full advantage of metals characteristics, and the force of nature head-on. A Gerard stone coated Classic Tile roof takes metal roofing to new heights in reliability, performance and beauty.

Granite Ridge Shingles -  Stone coated steel shingles offer faster installation and are guaranteed for life! 
Gerard Stone Coated Steel, Granite Ridge roofing shingles gives you the look of high-end architectural asphalt shingles, with the lifetime durability and strength of steel. Our interlocking steel shingle roofing systems are an easy to install metal roofing option, and with 22  colors to choose from, Gerards' Granite Ridge steel shingles allow you to create a look that not only fits your home perfectly and improves the value of your home, it is a roof that will always look beautiful while delivering the utmost in protection for your home, and last for a life-time. Two-thirds lighter than heavyweight asphalt laminates, the shingle provides excellent looks, substantially improved weatherproof performance thanks to the raised seem joints, and a lifetime warranty. Even though our steel shingle is price competitive with upper-end asphalt composition products, the Gerard Granite Ridge metal shingle will outperform and outlast conventional architectural shingles on all fronts. Unlike asphalt composition shingles, our corrosion-resistant Zincalume steel panel shingles are guaranteed to stand up to 120MPH wind speeds, will never burn, and will never warp, twist, crack or split.


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