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Roofing Cost Calculator

Savings Calculator
Gerard roofs not only provide superior protection, efficiency, and style—but with 50+ year durability, Gerard roofs are also typically less expensive than the "cheaper" options! Roofing takes the brunt of mother nature's destructive forces, day in and day out, and you might be surprised at how much your roof actually costs.

This calculator will help you compare the cost of owning a Gerard roof against an asphalt shingle roof or concrete/clay tile roof. It is an analysis tool that takes into account your installation, maintenance, tear-off and reroof costs; allowing for basic inflation. It calculates the comparable cost of ownership over equal amounts of time, and gives a best-guess estimates based on information from your roofing contractor and industry averages. You will be able to quickly see your comparable long-term costs, to make an educated decision.

Disclaimer: Roofing costs can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors which can include geographical area; type of product being installed; type of underlayment being used; and complication details which include roof pitch, the number of hips, valleys and dormers; repairs to roof deck caused by the previous roofing system; 2nd or 3rd story installations; and the removal and installation based on the crews ability to access the roof.

Be sure and contact your factory trained Gerard roofing contractor for a free estimate and explanation of charges.

You can leave any of the fields blank, and it will generate sample numbers for you.

Default numbers for years are based on average warranties; but plug in your expectations, based on your climate.

Contact your roofing contractor to get quotes and roofing information.

For a rough estimate of Roofing Squares on a medium-pitch roof, divide your house footprint square footage by 75.

This calculator does not estimate your increased home value at time of sale, or cost changes in raw materials other than basic inflation.

Calculate Your Roof Costs

Your Roof Size:
roofing squares (of 100 ft2)
Gerard Stone Coated Steel Quote:
total including installation
years until replacement1
Asphalt Shingle Quote:
total including installation
years until replacement2
Concrete/Clay Tile Quote:
total including installation
years until replacement3
  1. Gerard Stone Coated Steel: The life cycle of Gerard roofs is in excess of 50 years. The calculator defaults to the guaranteed 50-year warranty, though Gerard roofs are built and tested to exceed that.
  2. Asphalt Shingles: The life cycle of asphalt shingles is 18 years average in the industry. The calculator defaults to the average 18-year warranty, when asphalt typically begins to breakdown. Of course, the time period can be shorter or longer based on regional differences, and many shingle manufacturers will not warrant their shingles to the expected lifetime if installed in hotter damp climates like Florida.
  3. Concrete/Clay Tile: The life cycle of a concrete/clay tile is 30 years average in the industry. The calculator defaults to the average 30-year warranty, when the underlayment will more than likely need to be replaced thus the tile will need to be removed and replaced. While the tile itself may still be intact, concrete or terracotta tiles are not "dry under-deck" roofing systems, and the roof will begin to leak as the underlayment degrades. Failures can happen much sooner based on regional conditions and a variety of factors.

Calculator Example

Florida Coastal Home
29 squares
$19400 Gerard quote (72 years)
$10950 shingle quote (16 years)
$16640 tile quote (33 years)

For example, a home owner in Florida knows from experience that asphalt shingles don't last 18 years in Florida's humidity and storms. And many Florida roofing companies won't offer an 18 year warranty for shingles. He knows from his neighbors that a tile roof' underlayment usually won't make it much past the warranty 30 year mark. He has learned that Gerard roofs are expected to go far beyond the 50 years guaranteed in their lifetime with 50-year transferable warranty. When he gets his quotes, he might enter these numbers into the calculator based on his climate and information, and get these results:

Gerard Metal
Asphalt Shingle
Concrete/Clay Tile
Or $320.93 per year over 50 years
• for 24 Squares (2400 ft2)
• at $650.00 installed per Square
• with 50 year expectancy
Or $321.58 per year over 50 years
• for 24 Squares (2400 ft2)
• at $350.00 installed per Square
• with 18 year expectancy
Or $380.48 per year over 50 years
• for 24 Squares (2400 ft2)
• at $550.00 installed per Square
• with 30 year expectancy


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