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Feature Friday: Roof-Tech

Why Roof-Tech chooses to install Gerard stone coated steel roofing?

Roof-Tech in Omaha Nebraska is going on it’s 14th year of installing Gerard stone coated metal roofs. It's metal service area includes western Iowa and most of Nebraska. The company is a full-service roofing contractor with a focus on what it calls its 4 pillars of roofing.

  1. Roof Replacements
  2. Roof Repairs
  3. Roof Inspections
  4. Roof Maintenance

And because Roof-Tech specializes in roofing only, the company needs to have a product that fits everyone's needs. When it comes to metal, Gerard is its choice. Ray Cooper Jr. with Roof-Tech took a few minutes to talk about the company's relationship with Gerard and metal roofing.

So, let’s go back to the beginning. When did Roof-Tech start selling and installing metal roofs?

“It has been so long ago, but it was a few years before we started installing Gerard, like 01’ or 02’. We were only doing 1 or 2 metal installs a year back then. Wood shake roofs were still being installed like crazy around here. Metal was something you installed on a barn back then.”

Do you still feel the perception of metal roofing is that it is for a barn?

“Maybe to a few people, but not even close to what it used to be. Our company and a few others in our area that have spent years talking about metal roofing at every home and garden show and product show and to every potential customer, to a point that it is much more well known. I remember the days working home shows, when most people couldn’t believe what we were showing them was metal roofing and now some people know the different brand names. I would say most people around here are now aware that all metal roofing doesn’t look like barn metal.”

When you started, what types of metal roofing did you sell and install and what brought you to Gerard?

“We started with painted aluminum shake profile; a fine product, but we found it hard to sell against the stone coated steel roofs. We are located in an area that gets a varying degree of hail every year. Some years, there is a lot and some years there is even more. We saw the steel roofs as a better selling position for our area so we switched. Then we installed a couple of painted metal roofs before we were introduced to the stone coated finish panels. We finally felt that after a few years of hiking around the metal roof forest, we found the perfect panels for what our prospective customers would like. That perfect panel was a stone coated metal panel that was tough enough not to get damaged during those minor to above average-sized hail storms. As contractors, we liked Gerard because of the contractor direct factor. Not every Tom, Dick and Harry could get they’re hands on. Plus our first product rep was better than the rest of the other companies reps”

You have been installing Gerard for going on 14 years, what has kept you with Gerard for so long?

“A couple of things. First the product – we have had very few real issues with the quality and if there was, it was taken care of very quickly. Second, the direct to contractor factor – after all these years it is still stayed this way, which allows us something not many others can offer. Including better pricing we can pass off to our customers. Even though metal roofing is much more acceptable than it was 5 or 10 years ago, it still is an 'up sell' and you need to price it so potential customers can see the value in installing metal roofing.

What do you see for this metal roofing in your area this year?

I think it will be another fine year. We are still talking about it every chance we get, and if homeowners continue to stay in their homes for longer periods, metal roofs will make more sense for them. I enclosed some photos of the first metal roof of the year we installed. A 52 square, canyon shake on board and battens. Real nice job. The insurance company forced the owners to replace the roof if they wanted to stay with them. The owners decided on a stone coated metal roof from Gerard. It was a great choice. The homeowner said they have had many compliments on it so far.”

Check out some before and after photos below! 

Roof-Tech has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2001 and currently has an A+ rating.

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