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How Can You Be Sure You Have A Firesafe Roof?

Any idea what happens to a wood shake roof when it catches fire, especially when high winds are raging?

It's the roof over your house, you have only one priority--get your family out and quickly! You house is doomed in a matter of seconds. Literally... seconds!

Not so fun fact for homeowners with a wood shake roof: Not much can be done to put out a wood shake roof fire fanned by winds. 

How can you roof catch fire in the first place?

Chimney sparks. Electrical sparks. Fireworks. Flaming embers blown blocks from someone else's fire. That's a matter of pure luck-- how strong the winds are gusting and in what direction. You may never know the cause... just the effect. 

Your best safeguard is a Class "A" roof--no matter where you live. Next best is Class "B." Forget any other.

Who determined these classifications?

Roofing is fire-rated based on criteria established by a government agency and recognized by organizations. A Class "A" roof is one that simply, will not burn. An example of this would be a stone coated metal product, like Gerard Roof Products. A Class "B" roof obviously offers somewhat less protection -- "moderate" -- but still qualifies as fire retardant. A Class "C" roof is not considered fire retardant. It will not give you the protection you need and must have. 

Then, there are untreated wood shakes and shingles. No rating at all except possibly an unoffical one: "D" for dangerous.

Are fire-retardant roofs more expensive? NO! They are clearly a better investment!

Class "A" or "B" roofs have long life expectancies-- 25 to 50 years, often outlining the house itself. Wood shakes and shingles (treated or untreated) have a life expectancy of 10-15 years. If a fire strikes, untreated roofs could last only a matter of seconds. 

Lifecycle costs per year for wood shakes and shingles (treated or untreated) are easily three to four times greater than inorganic, non-wood Class "A" or "B" roofing materials. 

So what does Class "A" or "B" roof mean to you?

Firesafe- That says it all, really. But there is more.
Peace of Mind- You, your family, your possessions--safe, protected.
Long Life- Impervious to fire, your new, inorganic Class "A" or "B" roof probably will outlast your house.
Warranty- Class "A" and "B" roofing products are backed by written warranties. Check out our 50-Year Lifetime warranty here. 
Increased Value- Make an intelligent investment. Long-lasting, non-burning roofs will increase the value of your property.
Low Insurance Costs- You are entitled to and can obtain lower insurance premiums.

There is no such thing as a low fire-risk area. Roof fires don't discriminate. Tell your contractor you want a roof with a Class "A" or "B" rating in order to protect your most expensive investment- your home. 

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