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Why Builders And Homeowners Are Choosing Gerard Roofing Products

You may not have noticed yet, but the roofs of America are changing day by day, as more and more people discover the benefits of Gerard metal roofing products.

Gone are the days of building a house to support tons of heavyweight roof tiles. Gone are the days of rusty old corrugated iron. Today's educated builders and home renovators are turning to the most attractive technologically advanced form of roofing available-stone coated metal roofing.

Gerard combines all the styles and character of traditional tiles with the lightweight strength and durability of steel. The rugged natural stone surface of a Gerard roof panel is as old as the earth itself. It won't fade, crack, or crumble like manmade stone. It is permanently bonded to a strong steel base which is coated on both sides with a rust inhibiting primer. This unique patented process provides a superior finish and years of trouble-free weather protection.

One Gerard panel covers an area equivalent to six ordinary tiles. The unique design and fixing methods ensures that each tile interlocks neatly with its neighbors, providing excellent weather security and the strength to withstand cyclone winds.

The panels are quick and easy to install and can often be installed straight over the existing roof. They are strong, yet lightweight, so you won't have to worry about the new roof distorting the house frame. Gerard roof products can save the home builder time and money. Panels are only one-sixth the weight of traditional tiles; therefore you can make considerable savings on timber framework costs. Because they are delivered on easily handled pallets, they can be unloaded onsite in minutes. This cuts down transport costs and allows difficult sites to be reached more easily. Gerard panels can normally be installed in half the time it takes for old-fashioned tiles-plus you can carry on working below while the panels are being laid. 

Gerard stone coated metal products are used by builders in more than 60 countries around the world. They have been designed and rigorously tested to withstand the harshest weather conditions. All Gerard products are covered by a 50-year warranty. Try getting that type of reassurance from any other roofing material and you'll realize why more and more builders and homeowners are choosing Gerard. 

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