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20-Year-Old Gerard Roof
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Feature Friday: Customer Testimonial

Herb purchased a Gerard Roof for his home over 20 years ago. He hasn't touched his roof since. This goes to show that a Gerard Roof requires minimal maintenance and is built to last! He is now getting a lower rate on his home insurance as well. Double whammy!

"I am so glad we went with Gerard 20 years ago. Your company puts out an outstanding product, and I'm sure they will for years to come."



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Gerard Batten System
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Tech Tuesday: Pressure Treated Battens

Lumber that has been treated with copper (CCA chromium copper arsenate, ACQ alkaline copper quaternary and Copper Azoles) should not be used when installing Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roofing products. These products have been found to be corrosive to steel and steel alloys. The use of such products will void the Lifetime Limited Warranty that is offered by Gerard. If treated lumber is required, Borate or Borax treated lumber can be used. 


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Gerard Roof
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Tech Tuesday: Dissimilar Metals

Make sure you know about the effect of dissimilar metals and how to avoid corrosion on your Gerard roof!

Contact between or run-off from lead and /or copper onto Galvalume will result in an accelerated corrosion of the Galvalume coating in the area of contact. The rate of corrosion increases with the severity of the environment and can result in premature failure. Although Gerard’s coating and acrylic primer will isolate the contact initially, the extended lifespan of the roof may be affected.


Before & After
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Feature Friday: Cal-Vintage Roofing Co.

Who loves home improvement shows like Fixer Upper and Flip or Flop? I know I do.


To be honest, I usually don’t watch the whole show. I’ll work on other things while I’m watching, but you better believe I pay attention at the end so I can see the before and after photos. Something about seeing how they turn an old house into something that looks brand spankin new is so intriguing and even inspiring at times.


How to Clean Your Gerard Roof
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Tech Tuesday: How to Clean Your Gerard Roof

It’s time for spring cleaning, so don’t forget to clean your Gerard roof! Here is what you should do:


The Gerard Roof Products roofing panels and the coating are not adversely affected by organic growth. This organic growth; however, can be concern to the aesthetics of the roof to the owner. In these situations, the following recommendations should be followed.


This Gerard roof survived the storm.
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What If It Happens To You?

You never think it will happen to you...

It's hard to imagine that you'll be put in the situation where you have to find a place that will keep you safe from the storm that's about to hit. 

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