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Counter-Batten Installation

Gerard's counter batten installation method offers various benefits. To start, 1 x 4 battens are permanently secured with a pneumatic nailer through the existing roofing materials and roof deck, into the structural trusses with 3.5" ringed galvanized nails. 2 x 2 counter battens are placed with a batten spacer guide. The benefits of this method are: increased ventilation for energy savings; increased roof height; and the ability to roof over a wide variety of roofing materials without a roof tear-off.

Gerard metal roofing offers the most durable, adaptable and beautiful roofing with a complete range of finishing parts. As with any roofing product, Gerard stone-coated metal roofing is only as good as the installation. Gerard offers an extensive hands-on training program, with installation guides as well as installation videos and DVD’s (in English and Spanish).

For more information please download our Counter-Batten and Batten Installation guide, 

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