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Direct-to-Deck (Battenless) Installation

The biggest advantage to the Direct-to-Deck (battenless) installation method is installation time savings, and reduced materials expense (no wooden battens needed). Our Direct-to-Deck installation method is approved under Miami Dade wind code so you can be sure your roof will stand up to hurricane force conditions. The draw back to this installation method is the reduced amount of air / ventilation space between tile and roof deck compared to our standard batten or counter-batten installation methods. As with any building or roofing product, Gerard stone coated metal roofing is only as good as the installation. It is for this reason that Gerard roofing offers extensive hands on training programs, installation guides as well as installation videos and DVD’s (in English & Spanish). For a downloadable copy of our Direct-to-Deck (battenless installation) method, please download the below PDF.