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Gerard roofing is ideal for hotels and offers the best looks, energy efficiency, durability and protection against wind, fire, earthquakes and hail.

Energy Efficiency: Gerard's metal roofing system will keep your hotel energy bills down because open air flow between the deck and metal panels. Gerard also uses highly UV-reflective granite stone chips so no matter what color you choose, you will deflect the heat from UV rays.

Protection: Gerard provides the best protection from earthquakes with its light weight metal. Being about one-seventh of the weight of traditional tile products, it makes for easy installation and reduces the risk of roof collapse. Our Class A fire rated system will keep everyone safer in case of a fire emergency. Gerard's hail and ice Class 4 impact rating will allow you and your insurance company to rest easy.

Attract customers and add appeal to your hotel so your customers feel they are staying at a premium hotel. With the protection and styles a Gerard roof offers, you won't have to worry about expense roof repairs and will have comfort knowing your hotel will be protected and beautiful for life.

For more information please contact our commercial projects department.

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