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Co-op Advertising

General Policy and Procedures

Gerard Roofing Technologies, Inc. has developed the following co-op advertising program to support the Gerard contractor with a flexible marketing tool to extend his advertising effectiveness. This comprehensive plan provides a consistent framework for the contractor to develop increased local awareness as a quality installer of the Gerard roofing system. Also intended to help build brand awareness of Gerard as a manufacturer of the highest quality and best valued roofing products on the market. The Gerard co-op advertising program has been developed to share with authorized Gerard contractors the media costs of promoting the specific features and benefits of the Gerard products. To this end, other brand names or products featured in a Gerard advertisement will disqualify that ad from Gerard co-op reimbursement. However, a generic mention that installation is available for products such as asphalt, clay or fiber-cement is acceptable. All ads need approval in writing by upper management before proceeding with advertisement. You can receive this documentation through the outside territory manager for your area. Do not assume eligibility of an ad; seek Gerard approval before running it. The Gerard written approval must be submitted with receipts or reimbursements will not be paid.

Approved Media

Newspapers, magazines, shopping circulars, inserts, direct mail, door hangers, billboards, job signs, radio, television and home shows are examples of acceptable advertising mediums. A limited co-op is also available for yellow pages advertising.

Non-Qualifying Media

Classified advertising, newsletters, and advertising specialty items such as pens, hats or T-shirts are not co-op approved. Production costs for the creation of new advertising materials or the costs of advertising agency services are also not covered. If there is a question to the eligibility of an item, check with your local Gerard Representative.


A discretionary and approved Gerard advertising allowance is calculated by taking up to 2% of your Gerard net purchases from the previous calendar year. (Check with your local rep to see if you qualify) This figure is computed from the gross purchases - less returns, discounts, freight and taxes. If you do not have a 12-month prior year history selling Gerard products, an allowance may be set by the Co-op Advertising Department. Advertising submitted against this accrual will co-op at a rate up to 50% and the fund balance reduced accordingly.


Co-op advertising allowance $5,000.

Advertising claim- $1,200. (50% co-op) $ 600.

New fund balance $4,400.

A co-op activity statement will be sent in January of each year and following the submission of an advertising claim. Claims submitted to a co-op account which exceed the available funds will be reimbursed up to the available fund balance. Advertising must take place during the current calendar year. After December 31 of that year all co-op allowance will revert to a zero balance and a new 2% allowance is calculated for the new calendar year. Unused co-op funds cannot be carried forward into the following year.


Upon approval of an advertising claim, co-op reimbursement will be issued in the form of Gerard Gold certificate or a credit memo against the outstanding Accounts Receivable account. The certificate can then be used as cash toward the future purchase of Gerard Products. Once Gerard receives claim form and receipts, allow approximately three weeks processing time for reimbursement.

Advertising Guidelines

All co-op advertising claims must be submitted on the Gerard co-op advertising claim form with the applicable documentation (copy of invoice from advertising agency, proof of payment of said invoice) and mailed to:

Gerard Roofing Technologies

Attn: Co-op Advertising

721 Monroe Way

Placentia, CA 92870

Co-op advertising claims must be submitted within 60 days of the advertising publication date. In order to close out the co-op year, all claims for the current year must be submitted and post marked no later than December 25 of the calendar year to be eligible for co-op reimbursement. Claims post marked after this date will be denied.

Gerard Roofing Technologies reserves the right to reject claims for co-op reimbursement which the company determines to be injurious, detrimental, offensive or otherwise inappropriate. Gerard further reserves the right to change this co-op program without notice. Gerard’s interpretations of these guidelines will be final.

Newspaper and Other Print Media

All print advertising must contain text to describe the features or benefits of the Gerard roof system. Additionally, all ads must contain the Gerard logo. A selection of ready-made ad mats is located in the Gerard Ad Planner (available from the Co-op Advertising Department). Gerard’s approval must be given in writing before proceeding with advertisement bearing trademarked Gerard or MUSA logos.


- Original full page tear sheet from each publication date.

- Copy of paid invoice for each ad

- Copy of Gerard’s pre-approval.

Direct Mail

Direct mail advertising may be submitted for co-op reimbursement whether it is done in-house or through a direct marketing agency. If handled in-house, Gerard will co-op printing, outside mailing list fees and postage if a bulk rate permit is used and a mailing receipt can be provided. Reimbursement for individual postage stamps will not be accepted. If an outside agency is used, approval may be given for use of co-op fees for printing, list management, handling, mailing and postage of your pieces. Gerard will not co-op any layout or production costs to create a direct mailer other than printing.


- Sample of the direct mail piece.

- Copy of the paid invoice(s) for the applicable charges.

- Copy of Gerard’s pre-approval.

Door Hanger

The distribution fee from a recognized door to door delivery service is eligible for co-op reimbursement. Production costs to create a door hanger piece other than printing are not eligible for reimbursement.


- Sample of the door hanger piece.

- Copy of the paid invoice for distribution fees.

- Copy of the printer's invoice for printing or personalization.

- Copy of Gerard’s pre-approval.


Gerard product must be the focal point of the billboard message or visual. The Gerard logo must also appear.


- Photograph of each billboard location.

- Copy of a paid invoice listing the location(s).

- Copy of Gerard’s pre-approval.

Yellow Pages - Due to the nature of yellow page directory advertising, Gerard will co-op the cost of a display ad even if it includes competitive brands. There is a one-time annual maximum reimbursement of $200.00 for your total yellow pages effort. The display ad must feature the Gerard logo and make reference to the Gerard stone coated metal roofing system. The inclusion of Gerard features/benefits are encouraged but not required for co-op.


- Copy of the full page tear sheet containing your yellow page display ad after the directory is published.

- Copy of paid invoice or contract listing the ad.

- Copy of Gerard’s pre-approval

Job Signs

Banners or signs that are placed at the installation site which feature the Gerard logo and the words Stone Coated Metal Roof (ing) may be submitted for co-op reimbursement. Gerard must be the only brand name featured in the message.


Sample or photograph of the produced sign or banner.

Copy of the paid invoice detailing the number of signs or banners produced and adequate description.

Copy of Gerard’s pre-approval

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