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Cost Savings

No More Roof Repairs or Replacements: Without question, our roofs take the most abuse from the harsh elements of nature while sheltering us day in and day out. Typically, they are the one single component of your home that is the most expensive to maintain. Though the initial cost of installing a Gerard Stone Coated Metal Roof may be more than some other available roofing materials, consider that the average homeowner replaces and repairs their roof more than 3 times in a lifetime. By choosing to install a Gerard Stone Coated Metal roof the first time, you not only will save a lot of money in future roof repair and replacement costs, but it could mean a reduction in insurance premiums in most states, likely lower utility bills and higher property resale value since roof replacement costs are usually one of the biggest negotiation points of a home sale.

Higher property resale value: With a Gerard stone coated metal tile roof, you will likely see an increase in your property's resale value. Gerard's long-lasting metal roofing systems omit the need for re-roofing, and guarantees the quality of the metal roof with a 50-year transferable warranty. With a Gerard metal roof, your roof not only will look more beautiful, but a recent study in Remodeling Magazine found that homeowners realized an immediate 63% return on investment for installing a Gerard high-end metal roofing system. Gerard roofing materials also have a proven track record of increasing homeowners' savings through tax credits, insurance discounts and utility bills.

Reduced Insurance Premiums: In most states, insurance companies are convinced that a new, professionally installed roof will withstand hail and wind better and be less likely to leak than an old one, so they are willing to reduce insurance rates to reflect the lower risk. Gerard stone coated metal roofing panels have been shown to resist wind conditions up to 120mph and are more capable of defending against hail damage, as well as the threat of fire. Farmers Insurance agent Erin Janke of Robbinsdale, MN, said "I have seen the discount (for a roof) go as high as 27 percent," however you should consult your insurance company to calculate your own savings or visit our Rebates and Discounts page.

Possible Incentives and Reductions in Utility Bills: Most utility companies offer incentives to install our energy star rated metal roofing products. You are not only eligible to enjoy these immediate incentives from your utility company, but consider that with conventional roofing materials, most of the heat that enters your home comes from your roof! Thanks to Gerard's' batten and counter batten installation methods, which create a highly insulating air space between your metal roof tiles and roof deck, you will see as much as a 40% reduction in your year-round utility bills!

Energy efficiency no matter the color: Gerard Stone Coated metal tiles also offer more diversity when it comes to installation of metal roofing systems. With Gerard's metal roof tiles, customers have the option of Direct to Deck installation, Batten installation, or Counter Batten installation. Using the Counter Batten installation method, you will create 3" of highly ventilated air space between the metal roof tile and deck, which is highly efficient in both hot and cold climates. This "dead air" buffer zone between your new Gerard metal roof and old-style roofing shingles, like asphalt roof shingles, also insulates against radiant heat entry during the summer and unwanted heat loss in the winter. What a fantastic way to lower your energy bills.

To sum it up, a Gerard Stone Coated metal roofing system saves you money and gives you a return on investment many times over.


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