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Sustainability With Gerard

If you endorse environmental sustainability, you will be glad to know that our steel roofing products along with our company position on manufacturing and shipping makes Gerard stone coated steel roofing a clear choice.

Not only do we promote the use of recycled materials throughout our manufacturing and distribution process, but metal roofing tiles are also 8.5 times more compact and 10 times lighter than the alternative cement and porcelain tile products, which delivers significant savings on shipping.

Features For Environmental Responsibility

  • Our steel panels are composed of 30% recycled steel
  • You can reclaim all of the water from your roof
  • We use 100% recyclable materials
  • Under 2% of our manufacturing waste goes to landfills
  • All of our steel comes from suppliers with onsite recycling
  • We purchase packaging from vendors who promote recycling
  • Our facilities recycle all pallets and paper
  • Our roofing system achieves higher energy efficiencies than any other type
  • Meets LEED certification
  • We offer 3 certified Energy Star colors